Keep Calm and Put Lavender On

July 13, 2017

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Hey Ya'll!
This week is all about Lavender!
Lavender is a very versatile oil. From skincare to just peaceful relaxation, Young Living has you covered with this one! 

 One  of my favorite current uses is in my nightime routine. I mix this oil into my moisturizer and lather my face! Then I lay down and take deep breaths and before I know it I'm off to dreamland while also fighting bacteria and acne with lavenders antibacterial properties!
Lets not forget this oil is every mothers secret love affair! You can also diffuse this oil or directly apply it to the kiddies for a little help getting them relaxed before bedtime. 
Theres so many oil blends that include this oil like stress away, rutavala, harmony, tranquil, and forgiveness. As well as lots of blends you can make yourself!
Lavender also comes as a vitality oil. Which means you can cook with lavender vitality. Make lavender lemon cupcakes, or lavender ice cream with this awesome addition to your kitchen cabinets! 

Lavender comes in your Young Living Starter Kit along with loads of other amazing oils! Join me on the wellness journey for a cleaner healthier home! 
Contact me if your ready for your kit today! 
We can get you started and work towards getting your oils paid for! 

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