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June 2, 2017

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Hey Ya'll
I have to be honest I'm not too sure where to start this. So I'm just going to do what I do best, and be blunt, and get it out there.

My life has always been the craziest most stressful unenjoyable life. I honestly have lived 25 years of my life in a race, stressed out, unhappy, depressed. Basically... unbalanced. When I say that your probably thinking I'm crazy. What you see on social media isn't my full truth. In all reality the days I don't post are the times I'm at my worst. I don't post in fear of what you... a stranger to my life might see.

Jump to today. As most of you know I am a Young Living Distributor. In 2015 I was introduced to Young Living Peppermint Oil by a close friend. He told me exactly how to use it, and it CHANGED.MY.LIFE. I had thought about becoming a distributor after purchasing more Essential Oils from him, but didn't take the leap until another friend finally gave me the motivation to make that jump. Over the past eight months I have introduced all sorts of oils into my life as well as my household whether they wanted it or not. HAHA Then I came across OOLA I had heard about it several times but didn't really explore until about March. My husband went with our friend back in 2015 to a local convention. Our friend had of course introduced us to the oils and also wanted to introduce us to all the aspects that have helped him in life. During that convention my husband purchased the book, OOLA: Find Balance In An Unbalanced World. So in March I dug it off the shelf and cracked it open.

Now I want to explain to ya'll I am a very fast reader. I read larger books, like the bigger Harry Potter book, in about three to four days. I've always just had that skill. However This book took me until last week to finish, and again I started it in MARCH. Not because its boring, but because it woke me up to a reality of life that I honestly didn't know I was living. There were certain chapters that made me cry from the depths that it hit my heart. There were other chapters I read the titles and first sentence and had to spend days just talking myself into diving into it because I knew it was gonna upset me. It showed me my key areas in life that I was failing miserably at, all because of the things I couldn't let go of. Then it showed me or at least give me and idea of how to let go to move forward.

When I opened this book I had no idea the golden wisdom it held in its pages. When I opened this book I wasn't in the greatest of mindsets. I was tired, sad, angry, still harboring guilt of things unsaid, or undone. All sorts of emotions the list is quite endless honestly. Somehow this book woke me. I am now reading the OOLA: Find Balance In An Unbalanced World For Women. It puts these same teachings from the first book into a woman's perspective. I'm building more depth on the key areas in my life I need to work on in order to be the best me. I'm far from there yet, but the fact I chose to take the journey is a step forward in this life.

So why did I choose to blog this? To tell all of you I'm not a great perfect person? Because if just one of you picks up this book, or both if your feeling skippy, and takes the time to read it and learn from it then I have helped you. Most of us just want to live stress free and happy. That's a part of being balanced, and this book can help point out the areas in your own life so you can work on it to be the best you.

Right now I'm coming to you not a distributor, but a mom, wife, a 25 year old woman. Who has struggled through life just trying to get by. I am telling you right now as a blunt honest person. The Bible, Essential Oils, and these books are helping me to get to a better place in my life. To live healthier, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. I'm on my path to living OOLA with my God by my side, and my family in tow. Don't wait. You won't regret it! It's time to improve your life!

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