Countin' Them Calories

June 15, 2017

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Hey Ya'll
In my quest for shedding those pounds I have found quite a few helpful apps I can't wait to share with you! 

First and foremost you have to be serious about this! I can't tell you how many times I've tried to "lose weight" and failed because I just wasn't serious enough about it. You have to have a reason for you... not anyone else... so that you can be your best self. For me my health is a biggy.. trying to lose weight so I can have more energy and feel better and not so sick all the time. 

The first app I wanna share is called "Pump Up" its a free and easy workout app that comes with a great community to help build you up! The exercises are easy to follow with great instruction and did I mention its FREE!! 

The next app is a newbie for me but so far I am loving it! I currently do all my workouts from here just because I can customize it to my specifics and ease myself into my workout. Its called the "Nike+Training" app. Its an app that for the most part of what you need is free. You can search for any premade workout plan you like and just click and start it. Its so simple and easy and shows you how much you burn. The explanations of each workout has video instructions so you know your doing it correctly!

The next app I pulled off of the "Apple Health" app. It was a suggested app and I figured since I'm serious enough I should probably get into it. The "My Fitness Pal" calorie counting app. I love this because being a newbie I couldn't tell you the first thing about figuring calories in my food. However, with this app all you have to do is search it up, click it, and done! I'm not sure exactly how accurate some searching is seeing as how people can add a custom to it, but for a starter it gets me somewhere so it works for me. 

Last but not least is my pebble. A few weeks into my ownership of my new Pebble 2+HR, Pebble shut down production and announced its merge with Fitbit. Before buying my pebble I had gone back and forth between the Fitbit Blaze and this Pebble but ultimately decided Pebble when a price popped up I just couldn't resist. Since the announcement I've gone back and forth with my Pebble wearing it, then putting it away. Then when I got my Iphone I noticed some things just weren't working as seamless as they would with android. So I put her away in hopes of finding a new fitbit at a great price. However, I found her once again in my quest for health and it's been pretty helpful for the most part. You don't have to buy a Pebble, I honestly wouldn't reccomend it seeing as how everything is still on the fence. You don't even have to buy a fitbit. Just a pedometer and some sort of heart rate monitor will do. I've actually seen some pretty affordable ones at walmart. Garmin has even released one of their own. Just something to show your moving so you can get the right amount of calories burned. 

These are all just a basic set of tools you can use. They are helping me and I cant wait to get down to the size I want to be. Remember to always be safe in you health journey! Happy healthing!!

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