Bring A Little JOY To Your Life

June 28, 2017

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Hey Ya'll
For this weeks post I decided to share a little story with your guys. It's short and sweet, but packed with some great power!

In November of 2015 my family, and I started attending our current church. It came at a low time in our lives, and it honestly was a GIANT part of our recovery. I slowly began finding my way back to my Savior after almost ten years of being lost. I found love from the people who didn't care who I was before just who they knew I could be tomorrow. They give me an unending river of love and support, and truly helped fix my broken heart. During the time of getting to know everyone and learning about all these new people in my life there was one woman in particular that truly took me in like a momma bird to a baby. It is to a point now that I can't start my week off right without one of her loving hugs. She always smells so good and I made mental note of it several times wondering what her perfume was, but never figuring it out. Every time she hugs me I feel the love and something in my brain and heart just made me feel so AMAZING!


Today, I woke up feeling the need for a little emotional boost. So, I grabbed my Joy Essential Oil. I put two drops in my hands, rubbed them together, cupped my hands over my nose and inhaled. I felt a great sense of love and nostalgia come over me. Then, like a ping of an email an instant realization come over me. That amazing perfume I kept noticing all this time was none other than the pure, amazing,  therapeutic essential oil I love so much! I feel such pride knowing this amazing company can reach even a sweet little small town lady like her. I can't wait to have an oily convo with her!

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