10 Piece Fitbit Replacement Band Set

January 27, 2017

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief
Hey Ya'll!
So todays blog is slightly different than my norm, but I loved this product so much I had to tell you guys about it.
For my birthday one of my presents was a Fitbit Charge. I was so excited! It came in a size small with a simple black silicone band. It lasted for a while, but it eventually started showing some major wear. For Christmas I asked for a replacement band, and knowing my hubbs he waited last minute, and couldn't find one anywhere that would get here in time.

Fast forward a few weeks. I got a great opportunity to receive and try out these babies.
Let's just all take a moment to laugh at my squeal that may or may not (It definitely happened) have screeched out with my mail man as my witness.

I LOVE these! They were so easy to clip on. They were soft, and didn't tug at my little baby hairs on my arm. Now, we will take a moment of silence for the amazing colors!........ They are beautiful, there's one for every season, outfit, you name it! I highly recommend these bands if your looking for replacements. You can find them here. Hurry up and snatch these great accessories!

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