Getting The Most From The New Year

December 30, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Hey Ya'll
It's been a hot minute since I've had the chance to write. The kids have been home on break, so I've been just relaxing, and spending time with them.
This morning I woke up, and they were still in bed so I figured it was a great time to write.

Every year most everyone makes a new year resolution. Some people follow through, other people attempt it for two weeks and then somehow it falls through. Personally I never made one because I'm that person to get swept up in life, and it falls through. This year however, I decided to try again after many years of fails, and non-participation.

I'm trying because this past year something changed in me. In a previous post I explained about a loss in our family. For me personally not only was I an emotional train speeding towards a wall, but I had some medical issues that scared me into oblivion, no thanks to google, and I physically gained weight, had a pimple fest on my face, arthritis was out of this world, stress was a common thing, I just learned to accept it and freak out from time-to-time, and eat.
So I've been racking my brain for how I'm going to actually accomplish this task, and I think I have a few pointers that may help.

1. Pick a simple task.
Don't say your gonna find a man, get married, and have a baby in one year. Instead opt for date a great guy! You can't rush love, it happens when it happens. Personally I had no plans to be dating when I met my husband. We went on one date, and my days of swearing off men were over! It happens in its own time.

2. High expectations lead to big disappointment.
If you are constantly on yourself about not eating that Chocolate donut because you want to lose 40 pounds.... you gonna eat that donut! Instead eat that one donut or even half the donut and say okay I've had my fill let me walk home instead of calling my Uber. Walk it out!

3. Do it for you.
If your resolution is because someone else says you cuss too much, it ain't happening. YOU have to want to make a change for yourself. Forget what others say, what do you say?

4. Keep it positive.
Motivate yourself daily. Look in the mirror in the morning, and tell yourself you look damn fine! Or get a positive quote and tape it to your mirror. Surround yourself with positivity!

With the new year I want to try to live a simpler, healthier life. I want to try to downsize what I can, add in a workout at least once a week, and try to be happier. I'm not gonna lie I had happy times, but I feel like I had more anger than happiness, and I want to declutter my life. I want to be stress free, and that will help my emotions, and mentality. I want to get healthier, that will help my physical self, and with all of that together it will hopefully lead to a happier me. Which in turn may just help the rest of the household, because believe me I'm a force when I'm in a mood, and that doesn't make me proud.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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