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July 29, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

     Hey Ya'll!
Boy I tell you I'm all in my feelings this week.
As I wind down another week, I found myself uberly productive this morning.
Two years ago I got a bag of jewelry from my family members. Some was supposed to be some of my Aunts jewelry, while the rest was supposed to be my Mamaws.
After these past two I finally was ready to go through it a few weeks ago. Searching through the bags I found a ring that I'm almost positive was my Mamaws seeing as how it was a red jewel.
Its not real. It's small and dainty, but somewhere deep down I just know it was hers.
Looking at it for the first time I could almost cry. It had been through hell. bent up, misshapen, the jewel just about ready to fall off. I put it in my jewelry box just sitting there for two weeks until I could get it fix. Until this morning, when I took another look at the ring that I knew in my heart was hers. I had some redneck rigging, but I fixed it. Carefully, and tediously bending it back into a circle.

I was a month old when my Mamaw passed. All I have of her are told stories through my Papaw, and parents. She only held me a handful of times before her time with us was through, but I am told she was very proud of me. Telling everyone about her newborn granddaughter. From all the stories and people I have met that knew her, I know she was an amazing woman. She left her trail of love and caring with everyone she knew.
This time of year is always a mixture of longing, pride, and happiness. I long to know her, to feel the love she had. Yet am happy and proud to know I have such an amazing guardian angel all these years, and for the years to come.
Today I have a finished piece on my finger. Just in time for my birthday. Something I feel is special in memory of her.
I have hope for the coming year 25 of my life.
I hope to make her proud, to have peace knowing she's here with me.

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