Whats News: Kidnapped

June 3, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Hey Ya'll 
Bet you been wondering where I went to... Well I went to crazyland.
No seriously, you know how when you hear people say they got super busy, apparently that's a real thing. As some know from my previous posts, I had finally went back to college, family life got hectic, and I was swamped and stressed. I decided around Christmas to slow down on the blog to handle other things, then I just kinda stopped. Totally unknowingly actually. I have a whole list of things for the blog, just never got around to them. Well now that finals are over, the chickens (aka kiddos) are out of the coop, and summer is here, I've come to let you know...
I am alive.. I was kidnapped by aliens and taken to Mars... They were really nice but smelled a little. Haha.

On the real though I'm super sorry for that. Looking back on the semester, hell even the last year, my family and I have come a long hard journey. We have grown what I feel as closer than before, and we have many, many memories to make. That being said I am not shutting down my blog. Imma keep on truckin'. I just got to get back in a routine. Bare with me.
Life in words... uhhh hard.... worth it....
My family and I just recently got back from good ol' Minnesota. We have family up there, its always nice to visit. This time we flew, my first time on a big plane, I can't see the ground...I'm still not 100% about all that mess. I will admit though I got some good pics of God wonders so those moments the plane wasn't bumpy... not so bad.
Lots of fun, lots of food.
The trip came at the best possible time honestly. About a month ago I had some bloodwork done, just a whole work up since I don' t go to the doc often. My bloodwork come back sketchy. so I had to have a redo in thirty days, and ya'll let me tell you for a month that usually goes by so freakin' fast those were the longest nightmare days of my life! My mind went beserk thinkin of the most horrible things that couldn't even be wrong with my 24 year old body, but apparently I'm THAT morbid! Then my new tests come back perfectly fine, so I up and left the damn state. RUNAWAY!!! Haha
Now I'm back, buried in laundry.
I have a few new posts I have actually written and never posted. One of which I may schedule for later today or tomorrow so be sure to stay tuned and share away!
We have had a lot of rain in Texas. So much so that there have been lots of flash floods so please keep those affected in your prayers.
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