Top 5 Faves: Get In My Belly

June 3, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Hey Ya'll
So I'm a huge Pinterest addict! Hey first step is admitting you have a problem right?! Anyway I decided to show you guys a few of my faves that I've found lately.
The first is one of my go-tos when I'm not feelin that great! I have allergies that hit me like a train at the most random times. I live a good 60 miles from the nearest Panera Bread so being able to make a big bowl myself when I feel that train a comin is awesome!
Click here for link.
This one is so easy and my kids love it!
This one is a great drink for colder weather. Its so good its magical!
Click here for link.
I made this a while back. I used tilapia instead, but it was so good!
Click here for link.
This one I haven't made yet, but come on bacon, guac, and cheese? YES, PLEASE!!
 Have you tried these, or have others you swear by? Let my know in the comments!
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