Northport Naturals Review

April 13, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief
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 Hey Ya'll!
     A few weeks ago I received an email from Northport Naturals wondering if I was interested in trying their products to review. After looking through their website, and knowing my struggles with eczema, and adult acne I thought why not!
Within the next week I got the mail, and the most amazing package was in it. My first thought was, "Wow that was fast!"
I immediately went home and went to work getting the information from the website on all my new products.
Northport Naturals is a organic, and cruelty-free company, based out of Michigan. They use raw organic ingredients sourced from the USA only, to make their products. They have FDA approval, and are GMP Compliant. Which if you are like, "Whaaaa?" That just means they follow all the health rules,and laws so they are a legit company!
They are organic to the core 100% . Even to their packaging, saying, "In accordance with our ‘zero waste to landfill’ operation, our packaging is as minimal as possible and is always 100% recyclable."
Now I'll be honest I'm not a total eco/organic person, but if I can buy a multipurpose product I love that! So I love that they do this with the packaging.

Healthy Skin Synergy Kit #1
      This kit contains four products all with ingredients used to help acne prone skin. I think this kit is great!
The detox mask is awesome! It has a cool sensation, you can feel it suck the pores, and tighten skin. It leaves skin tight, clean feeling, and is gentle enough that my teen loves it too!
The foaming cleanser is great! It smells good,  and leaves the skin feeling super clean. You don't need a lot either so it will last. 
The toner smells weird, but when applying with cotton ball it feels like it's getting deep to cleanse and tone.
The oil free moisturizer leaves soft feeling keeps skin tight. It made me still feel dry, but it might not do that for someone without eczema.
Overall I like the kit. After a few weeks of testing I noticed my skin much clearer, pores tightened, and my old acne scars beginning to fade.
In addition to my kit I also got some other goodies.

Body Milk Soufflé
   This product claims to offer 12-hour hydration, and be great for eczema. This product is great! My issue with most lotions is they leave a sticky feeling, and I don't like that. However, this product gives you that hydration you need for eczema without the stickyness. It leaves a soft smooth feeling that lasts,  great for eczema! It can be used on the face too!
After a few weeks of using this product I have seen a major difference in my eczema! I have less flakey skin, which makes it sooo much easier to apply my makeup.

Ocean Mineral Serum
   This serum is loaded with herbs and minerals to help in the fight again acne. I think this serum is nice .Easy to apply. It could also be used like a primer, and leaves a soft feeling.
After a few weeks of using this product after applying the toner included in the Healthy Skin Synergy Kit #1 I think it really helped get my acne controlled quicker.

Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask
This mask is great for hyper-pigmented skin, and helps with the restoration of your skin. Great for someone like me who has sun spots, acne scars, and damage after years of the "I'm invincible, and don't need sunscreen." I think this mask is my favorite. It has a different smell, but its quick and easy. It only takes minutes, and leaves skin with a nice glow.

Overall this company... provides great products for a great price. Everything I received was jam packed with product, and you only needed just a little bit. I love they stick by eco friendly and cruelty free. All the products smell ok, they have a little bit of a lemony smell, or something. They smell clean and fresh.
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