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February 8, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

     Ok first thing I'll say is screw algebra! You wanna take a good girl down give her equations and make her factor them! Seriously though, it's week four and I'm so over it.

Osmosis of an egg.. EWWW

Then there's the moments your computer won't upload your paper file correctly so your biology teacher takes ten dang points off! Like what the heck! I can't help it if the file type you wanted doesn't work so I found an alternative for YOU!
Anyway past all that, college is legit this semester. I made an egg gross, and had to workout this past week. Yea, I had to actually get up from my mound of twinkie's and work out. Haha
It was just steps though, but it felt like my middle school athletics coach tellin' me to do bleachers. I completed that last Monday, and I'm still sore. Sad I know.

My husband, and I get our taxes done as soon as we can every year, business, and all. We are done.... algebra didn't help.

One of my Minnesota cousins became a personal trainer, Lord help me if she reads this.. she opened her own website and facebook page you should check it out and if your in her area you should call her up! She's awesome!

One day I'll get over this horrid cold I've had for like a month. I can't wait to wake up without my throat dry, and scratchy.

As soon as I can I'll get back to a blogging schedule. For me, and I'm sure most of you understand, I've waited, and put off my education for long enough and it is VERY important for me to achieve my goals. So family, and school come first.

Anyway back to my the grind... Equations are callin' me!

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