Top 5 Favorites: College Edition

January 11, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Happy Monday Ya'll!!
So today I thought I'd mix it up a bit, and bring you a Top 5 Favorites. If it goes good I may make it a mini-series, but for today, it's College Edition. 
I'm going to share with you my top must haves, and where to find them for the college student.
Excuse the no-makeup face.
First on my list is an absolute need for any student. I take online courses right now so obviously a computer is a need! I recently bought a new computer, and absolutely LOVE it! 
The HP Pavilion X360 is a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet. Whether your sitting in a lecture or sitting in the commons. It's a easy, portable, and stylish piece of equipment, so you can do your best work! The touch screen makes it 10x easier than before. I got mine for a super great price off I bought mine in the color purple. The color is just as I thought it would be. I needed a brighter color so it wouldn't blend into my desk, or backpack. 
   Now I received it within a few days, I tracked it the whole time I was so excited. When I got it I turned it on, and got an error message about the cooling fan being broken. I was bummed, but immediately contacted HSN. They took no time at all to call me, and told me to flip my packaging receipt over, and drop it off at UPS. We did, it was the day before Christmas. and a new one arrived on the 30th. It was ahead of schedule according to the tracker, and was perfect! I haven't been without it since!
My second must have is a great backpack! I searched and searched, but couldn't find one I liked, or that would fit my needs at the local stores. So I entrusted handy Amazon Student account, and finally found one. It was cheap enough I just ordered it, plus if I didn't like it amazon has a great return policy that's super easy.
  Now if you don't know about Amazon Student let me fill you in. If you have a .edu email. You just sign up with that email through amazon and you get free prime membership for 6 months! Plus a few other goodies that a prime membership offers! 
   Anywho, back to the backpack. I ordered it, and got it two days later. I'll be honest I was shocked. This backpack was everything I expected it to be and more! It had more pockets than I thought it would have, it was put together very sturdy, and it was super comfortable even loaded with lots of books. In my test run with it I loaded five big hardback college books, my laptop, pencil bag, phone, chargers, and wallet. I jumped up and down, walked around for about 30 min, and I actually cleaned toilets with it on. It held up impeccably. This is the one I ordered, but if blue polka dots, and lace isn't your thing, the Leaper brand has plenty of other choices. Just look up the keyword "Leapers cute backpacks", and you get more choices.
  Number three on my list is something no college student can ever get away from. Even if you never have before, when you start college, you will now. Coffee! I know, I know, so overrated for my post, but seriously. When it's 11 P.M. and your paper is due at midnight, but your eyes are closing themselves on you. Yea, your gonna wish you had that hot cup of Folgers in your cup. And I'll say FOLGERS again. I always buy just what ever is cheap that week for my regular coffee but for those late nights. You don't skimp. I get those off amazon too. You can find them here. They are cheaper to have shipped, and you can make a subscription with some orders, and they will auto order for you so you never have to worry about forgetting and running out. I also have a super awesome recipe I wrote about here if your interested in changin it up from the regular coffee routine.
 My fourth must have is much needed even if you were at home. For a regular student, your in the commons, and everyone is chit-chatting, but your trying to watch a video for your class, or listen to music to concentrate. As for me my kids are running around screaming, shooting nerf-guns, and even with the door closed that video is just so low I can't hear. So I grab my baby blue yurbuds and plug em in! These buds and designed to fit in your canal to stay put, and help reduce noise. They come in a handy carrying case, and the backs magnetize to each other to reduce tangling. They can be a bit pricey, but are worth every penny. They are great for that after hours trip to the gym too, as they were designed for working out. I bought mine on the site here, but I found some on amazon here.
     My final fave is this little lovely here. I honestly can't sit at a table for hours, and write a paper. I need to be comfy so usually I sit on my couch, like now. This lap desk is a must have. I haven't bought one yet but its definitely on my wishlist. I really like blue, so this color would be great!

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