Change Up Your Coffee Routine...Forever

January 5, 2016

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief
Good Morning! 
   So today I'm going to tell ya'll about the best way to drink coffee ever! Seriously it will change your life. Now granted, I've only been doing it about three days, but I seriously can't waste any time to let you guys know! 

   So here's the backstory. I woke up early the other day, and saw an instagram friend post about putting butter in her coffee. I thought it was super weird, so per usual social media posts, I posted about it on twitter, and got an interesting reply. Bulletproof coffee. Ever heard of it? Yea, me either, so I googled and found this link. 

   Being a mom, and a college student, I thought hey if its supposed to help energy wise why not try it! Let me just say, I will never, ever, never, in my life, ever, go back to drinking coffee the old way again! It is the most delicious thing second to Starbucks ever! To me it actually is pretty close to Starbucks creamy, richness, in a cup. 

   I can honestly say too I've had some down days lately. It didn't matter how many cups I had I was still moody, and tired. However, in the past three days since trying it I feel less moody, more awake, productive, and I only need one cup! 

   I changed things up a bit with the recipe, because if you've been an avid follower, you probably realize by now I'm always finding easier, and more inexpensive ways. 

The following is my first recipe: 

1. I made my regular cup of coffee with my Dunkin Donuts k-cup. 

2. I added my sugar as I usually would. 

3. In a blender I added one tablespoon of Coconut Oil, Kerry Gold unsalted irish butter, and my hot coffee. 

4. I blended for about thirty-fourty seconds.

5. Poured it back into my cup and enjoy!

   Now I didn't prefer it this way. The Coconut Oil made it have a weird bitter taste, and made my throat feel weird. I honestly can't explain the feeling. It was just weird. So I changed it up. 

The following is my new version that is sooo delish:

1. Make ya coffee!

2. Add ya sugar!

3. Put one tablespoon of Kerry Gold unsalted butter, and hot cup of coffee in the blender.

4. Blend for thirty-fourty seconds.

5. Pour up and enjoy! 

Yes, I just canceled out the Coconut Oil.
Super simple.

You gotta drink it while it still fairly warm though! 
Go on, go make ya some! 

*Note: You have to use grass-fed butter like Kerry Gold. I tried Country Crock, and it just wasn't the same.*

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