Life As I Know It

September 9, 2015

Jaimie Rogers Editor in Chief

Life as I know it for the past five years has been dramatically wronged!
Just kidding actually it's been dramatically changed. I think we all can see I obviously hate change so all this nonsense is driving me crazy!

What have I been up to? Well, well, well... where to start. Oh I know let's start with the fact that my littlest attempted a super-woman flying excursion, only to find there was a hole in her cape, falling into the abyss of toys breaking her super leg. Yeah... I know... poor Kay... no. No because, poor Jaimie. She is soaking up the whole six weeks of attention, and poor baby. Me, oh I'm just carrying her everywhere, wiping her nasty butt again, and smelling her stench that can only be coming from under that cast, because I've thoroughly sponge-bathed her everywhere. Thank God we go next Monday, and hopefully she gets it off, or at least gets a new cast. She wanted hot pink. Hot pink, and five weeks with a toddler is nasty... If you find yourself in my situation, GET BLACK! Toddlers aren't mean't for light colors... 

Three days after the little one crashed, and burned my oldest started his first day of kinder... As we all have read before I was already emotional weeks ago, yet on D-Day I was a complete wreck... My husband thought I was prego again from all the emotions crashing at my feet. Bubba did great though he walked right in there like he was a king ready to get to learnin'. He met what I would probably call his bestie within two days, and everyday after that he gets in the car, and starts goin' on and on about his frand! It's so sweet. He's on week three writing numbers, and spelling words. I've got a smart one!

 I started my college classes. They are online, and I'm already almost done with one. I'm movin' on through core classes to get my degree. I'm going to be a physical therapist. 
"Why did you pick that?"

I used to work for this lady cleaning her house. She had a hip replacement, and wasn't able to do anything. Everyday her therapist would show up, and I'd watch them, seeing what all it entailed. Then, after he would leave, she would ask me to help her do them again. She was determined to get better, faster. I would, and I loved every minute of it. I literally saw her go from bed ridden, to wheelchair bound, to walking. Eventually she was walking so fast, you would have thought she was running. I loved seeing so much joy in her after she could walk again. I knew then, it was an option I wanted to maybe pursue. A few weeks ago, when I was thinking about what route I wanted to take, I just couldn't get her inspiration out of my mind. I knew this is what I wanted. I want to help other people. The fact that it's without blood is even better. :) An occasional band-aid fixer, yes. Gushing blood, no. Win-win. 

On the blog fore-front, I do have some videos I've made. I need to finish editing one, but mostly it's just getting them downloaded to youtube. I also have a few products to blog about, and a new recipe to blog. I'm hoping to take my final in my one class this week, I also have an essay due that may prevent that since it's due Friday, and I still have no topic. Ugh. I'm also out of coffee, and pizza rolls. Also bread, butter, and almost milk. Mom-life, college-life, and wife-life are busting my chops. This is gonna sound absolutely disgusting, but my house hasn't been cleaned, other than the kitchen dishes and counters, in two weeks. In my defense I did clean Kay and Bubbas rooms yesterday, and I started mine. School and family just don't make it easy to do anything. My poor hubbs has been on easy meals since school started. I'm sooo tired.

Currently, in this exact minute, exact second, in time, while I type this, I have a load of laundry in the washer, one in the dryer, the toilets and bathtubs are soaking in cleaner, and I have the breakfast dishes soaking in hot water. I'm in process. So does that up my bad mom/wife points a little? 

Hope your all doing great. I'll probably be moving around my days I blog and send posts out to fit into my new schedule, but for now it's pretty much whenever I get five minutes to myself. Literally I knocked this out in five. I'm gettin' good! :)

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