Age, Stress, and Tears...

August 7, 2015

This has easily been the hardest week so far this year.
I went to my orientation for college went through all my paperwork, got it all together, thought I was totally done just to get told I was missing one more paper. No big deal right? WRONG! The paper I need has to be ordered, and takes five days for me to get, then they have to process it, and I only have until the fourteenth. So I'm rushing on that...
Then my little baby boy has once again proven he's getting to be a big boy. Last night he sternly told me he could shower and dry himself now. So I let him hiding behind the curtain just in case he needed help. He turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain and caught me.. Grabbed his towel and said hes all clean. He was.. Sniffle..
Soon my little baby will start his many long years of schooling.. Sniffle.. 
Yesterday was also my birthday... Didn't announce it.. Wasn't diggin' it. 
I'm now (cough) 24... Du. Du. Dunnn. Now all you older ladies prob think girl please.. All the same... Not diggin' it.
So what have I learned over the years?... Uhhh how to cook?.. Really though I can finally cook with the occasional burned chicken fried steak.. Like last night.. Made my own birthday dinner. Burned my steak.. Go figure.. 
I learned family is number one. I had several friends that were supposed to be there till we were old and gray.. They aren't, but my family is and always will be. 
What have I gained?... Patience. I have probably gained more patience over the years than anyone could imagine. Honestly though I have not bluntly told someone how annoying they are in about two years.. Except my husband.. He's always annoying me.. On purpose.. Out of love. 
Because yesterday was so solemn I took a birthday photoshoot today.. these are my favorites.. first two are filtered. After that they are pure unfiltered age.

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