Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

July 28, 2015

   A few weeks ago I found myself in the nail aisle at Walmart.  I was on my weekly search for the perfect nude shade. I'm looking for a pinkish nude if ya'll happen to know of one. Any who I found the set of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I liked the coral color so I decided to try it. I added the nude to my cart too, but I honestly don't like it that much. After several little brick scratching tests, and lots of hand-washing dishes, I conclude this is the best polish ever!

     I literally went outside and rubbed my nails against my house brick and not a scratch. I washed so many dishes, and even accidentally rubbed a steak knife across them... Still perfect! 
Application is easy. It takes about two coats, after applying the first coat it takes about 45 seconds to dry, then your ready for the second coat. All together I can have my nails ready in about ten minutes. The colors are true to the bottle. Very vibrant, and stay shiny.

Price wise I think its affordable. I have done about six peoples nails, and my own nails twice in the coral color and still have a pretty full bottle. Because it literally only takes two coats you save more polish, giving you the best bang for your buck. 
I would definitely buy this again.

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