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July 21, 2015

My life has been a series of wake up, study, stress, forget to eat, sleep, redo. I am studying for an entry test into college. Yep, I'm doing it! I realize its not a pass or fail test, but it is a test and they freak me out all the same. I have taken a practice online six times. Every time I fail... MAJOR! I already know when I take the real one I'm either gonna freak out, and have to take extra classes to make up the knowledge, or pass get into regular classes and not understand a damn thing. 
Why am I being so candid? I want you to show this to your son or daughter. I want you to save this to show the younger ones when they get to the age they need to be thinking about college. The next words your going to read are ones I heard personally, but never took the time to think about. 
"Going to college right after high school is a lot easier than waiting until later." 
Tell them to take it from me, a twenty-four year old mother of two struggling to find the time to study for even a small test. Struggling to remember equations, and geography. Because let's face it, five years of being at home with the kids hasn't kept my brain fresh in (xy=) at all! I'm actually having to trust lovely old google to shake off the rust, with no avail, because I still failed the practice test! 
I want you to tell them I was going to take a year off, and then go back stronger than ever. Tell them life happened. Tell them I met my husband, I fell in love, and my sole focus was him. Tell them that I had given up hope of going, until he pushed me, and now here I am at a young age, with an old brain, struggling to remember. Tell them to go, while it's still fresh on their mind. Tell them to focus on school, life will follow when it's time. Soak in the quiet times you get to study, because having two kids running around isn't exactly great study quality. 
Don't worry! If they skimmed through the above, they won't this next..

"Do you wanna scrounge up pennies every month, or have the funds available to make your payment on your new Chevrolet Camaro? Go to school. Now. While everything is still fresh in your mind from high school. Go, so that when you graduate you can get a great job, and afford that nice car, those nice designer clothes, or if your a dreamer like me, and look more into the future, that big ol' house. You don't want to be that friend that can't go out with your adult friends because you have a class, or you have to study. You don't want to be that guy who is single at your friends wedding because you started college later in life and don't have time to date, because your studying. Go. Now. 
It's never too late, but it's much harder and such an annoyance if you wait. Take it from me the slow girl in class..."
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