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July 1, 2015

Hey Ya'll!!
So this Saturday is July 4th!! So proud to be celebrating our Independence! I like to celebrate all week, especially if I'm having a super awesome week!! Today I found all my blogging cameras!! Which I really can't begin to explain how happy I am to find my still camera since my phone just doesn't cut it sometimes. I can't wait to bring ya'll super better pics, and more videos!! I actually got some feedback from my sister last night and she gave me some pretty legit ideas on quick and easy segments.

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Any-who today I have some awesome recipes brought to you by a local store, The Farmers Wife. It was my first trip in there since they opened, and I kinda like it. Its small inside so imagine if there was a lot of people in there I'm sure it can get cramped, but they had some pretty interesting foods, and ingredients. Some I've never even heard of. I really got inspired to cook tonight, and picked up some organic pasta, sauce, and some handpicked fresh off the vine this morning tomato and blueberries. Price wise it wasn't too bad. I expected a little higher price, which the sauce and pasta was a few cents higher, but the produce was super cheap and they are sooo good!! I ate a few berries driving home. 
Coming home I got the idea to have a shopping trip, once a month to see what meal I can make for the night. I think it would be pretty interesting. I'm kinda wondering what my processed meat loving husband will think of this all organic meal. Hopefully he will like it and it can become a good healthy lifestyle for us. I mean I'll be honest we kinda like greasy fried foods, and McDonalds is our fave! Well their fave I'm a little burnt out.
If your an area local, check them out! You can find them on facebook.

Easy-Peasy Meatballs In Vodka Sauce
1 Lb ground beef
1/2 cup Italian style breadcrumbs
1 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp garlic salt
1 Tbsp oil
Pepper to taste
Vodka sauce
Pasta (Penne, rigatoni, a smaller noodle)
I bought these from the local store mentioned above.

Directions: So I'll make this part easy... Mix everything except the oil in a bowl. 

Note: If you smell your meat and cant smell any spices.. Add a little more spice.

Then get a large skillet or pan. (I used my mini dutch oven.) Put your oil in your pan of choice and heat it on a medium low heat.
After your oil is hot roll your meatballs and place them around your pan. Leave a little room so you can roll them. Your only going to brown the outside. Make em' nice and crispayy!! 
In another pan start simmering your vodka sauce. (I use my deep large skillet for this.) After your meatballs are browned on the outside your going to put them in the vodka sauce. Place them in a single layer in the pan of sauce. Up your temperature to a low heat, and cover. Cook your meatballs in the sauce for about 20 minutes. 
Boil your noodles. 
I won't go into deep detail on this one other than to tell you DON'T SALT THE WATER!!
The vodka in the sauce and garlic salt in the meat is enough on its own. Trust me I KNOW! Haha.
After its all cooked plate it, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and enjoy!! 

Via @ASimplyLovelyLife Instagram

Easy Blueberry Cobbler
I started with this recipe, and made a few other additions. Result was amazing!

Note: Fresh or frozen berries doesn't matter I've made it both ways, either is just as good.
1 1/4 Cups All Purpose flour
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/4 Tsp Salt
1 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
3/4 Cup Milk
1/3 Cup Melted Butter
2 Cups Blueberries
1/3 Cup Sugar 
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Tsp Cinnamon
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp Orange or Lemon Zest (Use cheese grater.)

Directions: In a bowl combine, Flour,1/2 Cup Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon. Mix well.
In small bowl mix milk and melted butter. Slowly pour mixture into dry ingredients while slowly stirring.
Spread batter into a butter greased 8 inch pan. (Mine were glass.)
Sprinkle berries evenly over batter and gently pat down into batter.
In a small bowl mix 1/3 Cup Sugar, Vanilla, and Orange or Lemon Zest together. Sprinkle over berries evenly.
Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Make sure your toothpick is clean! 
Serve plain, with whipped cream, or ice cream.
Bon Apetite!

Note: This entire meal was a huge success in my home! Even the kids loved it!

Warning: Do not make the cobbler if your on a diet. It is highly addicting after the first smell!

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