Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo

June 22, 2015

I bought this Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo from Walmart, when I went and go my hair cut this last time. Yes I go to Walmart. I have this girl I always use, and prob would follow her if she ever left and was still affordable for me. Any who, I saw this on sale, and was curious since I had seen the Kardashians on instagram advertising. So I spent my $15.00 and took it home.

Via A Simply Lovely Life
After a long hard sleepless night, I woke up to a poof ball of messy dirty hair. I shook the can and sprayed through-out my hair as directed. My first thought was, "Ohh that smells amazing!" I couldn't help but wonder if that's how Kourtney Kardashian actually smells. It was so enticing. I honestly want to find a perfume like it. 
I ran my fingers through and rubbed it into my scalp. I couldn't tell if I had sprayed enough at first because there wasn't a white residue in my hair like my Tresemme leaves, but after seeing the added "Va, Va, Volume" I knew I was good. Plus, at the price I paid I was definitely at odds of using too much. 
I let it sit while I did my makeup. Letting it soak up the oils. After brushing and styling, I loved how soft and smooth my hair was. I had volume, and after a month of using I noticed sleeker, shinier hair. 
My hair almost seemed healthier after using this product.
I loved this product, and as long as its available it will be in my beauty routine. I have found though I paid $15.00 at Walmart vs. Ulta its $13.00. I know that's only a small difference, but I'm all about saving a dollar if I can. 
All- in- all this is definitely a product worth buying. I'm really glad I took the jump to buy it!
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