Vicks Coolmist Humidifier Review

February 10, 2015

*I received this product free through Influenster to try and review. All opinions are purely my own.*
So a few weeks ago I came home to the best package on my doorstep. I was skeptical when I first received the email saying it would be sent to me to try, but thought, hey my whole house is sick. Perfect timing! 
I tested it on my snotty husband first. BIG mistake! Let me tell you why.. This free, easy, small, AMAZING invention has not left my husbands bedside table since! I don't know if its the Vicks scent pad or just making the humidity right beside him all night, but I have never slept so amazing not hearing a bear every night! I love it!! Now ladies you KNOW there's men that snore, and then there's men that SNORE! My husband is THAT kind. Calling in the bears for hibernation, but this product brings all that to a halt! Plus, he says he wakes up and his throat doesn't hurt anymore. Not only that but it is so easy to use.
 We have been using it two weeks now and I've only filled it once when I got it, and it's still half full. 
You literally plug it in, and turn the switch. I have the original scent pad in, but that's easy too, just open the little compartment, and slide it in. Easy, and effective. I also tested some young living drops, or drop in it last night. I dropped a peppermint drop in the water and turned it on. It worked great! I think I'll try lavender next. 
Buy yours today at your local Walmart, Cvs, Walgreens, or other local drugstore. It runs about $40, but is worth every penny!  

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