Valentines DIY Mani

February 12, 2015

Here's a sweet little DIY tutorial just in time for Valentines day. 

What you Need: 
Nails (duh) 
Red polish 
White polish 
Clear coat 
Tooth pick 
So before I do any manicure I do a quick clean up. Trim my cuticles, clip my nails, ect. You know the drill ladies. 
Then due to me having a difficult time growing my own nails, I go through my pack of Kiss nails and get each nail set out to glue on. I follow the directions on the package and get my nails on. I like my nails to last so I try to extra glue. Gotta try right?! Haha 
Then when I feel the glue is dried all the way I clip and shape the nail how I like. For me its shorter and round for a more natural look. 
Now it's time to paint. I painted all my nails red except my ring fingers. Those I painted white. 
After the white has dried fully i take my red color and put a drop on a plastic plate. I dip one end of my toothpick in the red and put two small dots side-by-side in my desired spot for my heart. I redip my toothpick and drag down from the middle of those dots. Voila! A heart! 
Follow with a clear coat for a polished finished look. 
See easy as pie! Until next time! 
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