Beach Wave Bob Tutorial

February 19, 2015

Todays tutorial is for my short haired girls. You can do this with long hair too you will just curl  the bottom half, but this is an easy fast tutorial to keep you looking cute! 
It works out better if your hair is a bit dirty, but if its not thats ok just spray a little dry shampoo for texture and go from there!

You will start by sectioning your hair. This is optional, but I have many layers.  Leave the bottom straight then on the next layer start your curls. 

Grab a small piece of hair, brush it out. Then clamp your straightener down, flip it over, and pull the straightener in a downward vertical motion. You will never have your staightener in a horizontal position, like if your going to straighten, it will always be vertical. In my above picture my straightener looks a little horizontal but I was turning it as my camera took. I curl the pieces by my face away, it frames better. The sides and back are just whichever way I decide at the time. Always remember this isn't a slow motion it will be a swift smooth motion, otherwise you will get kinks. 

After you have curled all your desired hair you will gently run your fingers and shake the curls loose. 

Then follow with a beach waves spray, (I prefer the Gnarly Whale Beach Waves) and scrunch your hair as you go. Make sure to get it damp. Then immediately follow with hairspray and scrunch some more. Voila! Your done! 

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Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

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