Holiday Favorites: 5 Products I'm Totally Digging

December 15, 2014

*I received the following Gnarly Whale products free as an affiliate from The Gnarly Whale Shop. All opinions, feelings, and words are of my own.*

With the holidays coming in full force I thought I'd make a post sharing five of my favorite products. When I've had a bad day, or I'm just trying to wind down these are the products to help me do it. 
Here I have Bath and Body Works Stress Bath Soak. I put a little in my hot bath and relax. 
While I'm relaxing I use my Tru Self Organics Detoxifying Mask to clean my pores. I can feel it sucking out my pores while it dries. I wash it off and follow with the rest of my clear skin kit. 

I then follow with my Gnarly Whale Shop Peppermint Toner.  I absolutely love this toner. I spritz it on my face and let it dry then follow with my moisturizer. I have also found when I feel a headache coming on I spritz on my face close my eyes and breathe deeply inhaling the peppermint aroma, and my headache is gone! 

My next favorite is The Gnarly Whale Shop Spearmint Soap. My husband loves this soap because it helps his eczema flare ups. I love it because it leaves me feeling so clean and fresh. 
Last but not least is Gnarly Whale Shop Lip Balms. They are so smooth and give you a little gloss effect without the stickiness. The most recent lip balm I've received was the lavender vanilla. It tastes amazing, and had little bits in it so it also exfoliated my lips as well. An all-in-one treatment. 
I will be taking off for the holidays, so I
hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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