Tru Self Organics Review

November 6, 2014


 A few weeks ago I was scrolling my instagram feed and found a post from Jessica Parido. Who is the Co- Owner of which is a pretty amazing fashion site. 

I was intrigued. I have followed her for a while and had been curious as to how her skin looked so amaze!! So I ran over to the Tru Self Organics website. I found the Clear Skin Kit
     I got it within the week, which I was super impressed with. 

(Excuse my face)
  The Detoxifying Face Mask:
This mask!! OMG the greatest thing ever!! It comes as a powder for you to mix fresh. You can use either raw apple cider (a recommendation from the stars) or water. I personally used hot water to mix it because I didn't have apple cider. I made mine into a thick paste and applied it all over, including under my eyes as far as I could before it was in my eyeball. I could literally feel it sucking out my pores and tightening my skin as it dried. After I washed it off with warm water my face was super tight and red, but I noticed it looked poreless and the bags under my eyes were gone!

The Foaming Cleanser: 
I washed my face after the mask with this per direction my face felt so clean. I felt refreshed and awake. I noticed again more pores were disappearing with just one use! 

The Oil-Free Moisturizer:
I followed with this applying it all over my face. No joke within ten min all the redness from the mask was GONE!! Freaking amaze!!

     This entire line is amazing! I cannot say one bad thing about this stuff. With just the first try my skin looked so smooth and clean. It felt clean as well and I felt way more energized and I felt beautiful without makeup! Which is totally what matters right!? 
     I've had this for about two weeks now. Within the first week my skin was clear of acne. I wished I would have thought to take a time lapse because it was so awesome! I feel so confident with myself after 8 years of constant acne I have finally found something that works, and I'm never going back!! Plus... It's so affordable!!! For the entire kit it cost me a total of $45.07. It says on the packaging it is a 30 day supply, but I'm pretty sure this is going to last me longer. Which is a huge thumbs up! Also, if you act fast you can use the code Jessica shared above for 15% off!! 
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