Champagne Smokey Eye Tutorial

November 22, 2014

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Degree Motion Sense Deodorant Review

November 12, 2014

Let's talk D.O. for your B.O. 
After a good four mile run at the park, your get back in your car and think, what is that smell?! Then you realize it's your pits.
"Dun, dun, duuuuuunn." Now your speeding to get home because your holding your breath. 

Tru Self Organics Review

November 6, 2014


 A few weeks ago I was scrolling my instagram feed and found a post from Jessica Parido. Who is the Co- Owner of which is a pretty amazing fashion site. 

I was intrigued. I have followed her for a while and had been curious as to how her skin looked so amaze!! So I ran over to the Tru Self Organics website. I found the Clear Skin Kit
     I got it within the week, which I was super impressed with.