Neutrogena Acne Pink Grapefruit Review

October 8, 2014

* Note: I was sent these products from the Neutrogena Brand for free, to test out for the #UnseenAcne campaign. All reviews are completely my opinions on the product for you, my readers.

I was so excited to get the opportunity to work with the Neutrogena brand. Recently they sent me a package, which arrived in a quite timely manner may I add. Within that package were the Body Clear Body Wash, and the Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes

Let's start with the Body Wash.
It uses microclear technology to clear breakouts under the skin "with a blast of grapefruit and vitamin C, without over drying."
I personally have suffered from the dreaded "backne," and this stuff works!
I had a breakout the day I started using this on Thursday and by Sunday almost all my breakouts were clear. Although it stays true to form and doesn't over dry your skin out, I use this product about twice a week now, and my skin has stayed clear! I keep rubbing my shoulders and feeling smoothness. My confidence is through the roof!! My only wish is that it came in a different scent, (which is why I only use it twice a week) the smell is a little strong for me. 

Now on to the Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes.
These wipes " thoroughly cleanse skin of pore clogging impurities, all with an uplifting blast of pink grapefruit." Again for me the smell was a little strong, but I found use for these after a good long workout. I simply wiped my face from sweat and dirt and went on about my day. I felt refreshed and clean. It gave me a bit of tingle in some places on my skin where pimples were attempting to surface, but amazingly enough that little tingle is all they needed because I never saw one! 
All together, even though the smell isn't my liking I would definitely buy these products again. They do exactly what they claim they do, and that is very refreshing in itself!  
Both of these products can be purchased for $7.49.
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