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August 22, 2014

Ladies!! Let's talk weight loss. Or at least looking thinner. I know your probably about to click the red x at the top right of the screen, but wait!! I promise you this will be a super awesome post, and you'll benefit from it.
Lately, I've noticed a fad going on with a lot of celebrities. They are taking instagram pic of themselves wearing these corset-like things called body-shapers, and swearing some insane number like "I'm 20 lbs lighter!" Well, that may be true but do you know what its doing to your body on the inside?
Today we are gonna take this fad to trial. With me as the judge.
Judge Jaimie reporting for duty!
 A body- shaper is a waist training device that claims that, "Wearing a tight-lacing corset, exercise and eating a healthy diet can radically reduce the waist of women."
Many celebrities are already in on this fad. Including that of Kim Kardashian West. Swearing that it actually makes them have more of an hourglass shape. Which basically means they think they are skinnier.
While I am not saying their claims are false, my point of this post is that of a health concern. Think about it. All your organs and rib cage bones are getting squished together. What if you get one that's way to small for your body? Your ribs may actually break! Plus, according to Dr. Farzaneh Sabi, American obstetrics specialist, they can cut off blood flow, and cause blood clots that can move to your heart and brain.
My ruling.. 50 years to life in the TRASH!! 
People do all kinds of things, but one thing most don't do is look at their lives and their blessings and think I am enough! God made you how you are for a reason skinny, fat, short, or tall. He loves us all exactly how we are, and I love you just how you are. I want you to do something for me. Everyday I want you to go into your nearest bathroom, look into the mirror, and instead of pointing out what you think are your flaws to yourself, find at least one positive thing. Whether it be your appearance, or whats inside your heart, I want to you learn to love yourself just as you are. I love you. Now its time to find your love for yourself!
Find me on instagram, and join my beauty movement this September. Take a picture of yourself and tell me what you love, tag me and use the hashtag #iambeautiful ... because you are.
*Note* I am not trying to veer you one way or another. This is my opinion on this fad. Nor, am I trying to say you don't love yourself. If your already at that point in your life I ask you encourage others and join in with the hashtag. :)
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