Get to Know Me: 20 Fun Facts

August 21, 2014

Hey Ya'll! 
So today I was trying to figure out what to post, (while scrolling through pinterest) haha and thought I'd join the many bloggers before me and tell ya'll some things about me. 
So let's recap on what you DO know. I'm a mom. A wife. Mother. Business owner. Blogger. Did I miss anything? Well if I did I'll probably catch up in the next 20 facts.
So let's get started.
1. I'm from this really small town in Texas. Born, raised, always wanted to leave, but never did. Lol
2. I have two sisters. I'm the middle.
3. I'm addicted to coffee... But who isn't?
4. I am also addicted to Dr. Pepper.
5. Nacho doritos and bean dip are the key to my heart.
6. I love chinese food.
7. My favorite color is blue.
8. I love being outside.
9. I hate the city.
10. I love the country.
11. I love big trees.
12. I'm a runner.
13. I only run in the colder months.
14. Because, this is Texas and it's HOTT!
15. I love to read.
16. I love the pioneer era. I read a lot of 'Little House On the Prairie' books. Lol
17. I'm a little OCD. Which is why my website is so simple.
18. I have a dream that my next home will be a cabin in the woods with a wrap around porch and cedar ceilings. Specific, I know.
19. I've always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere in Montana.
20. I have yet to start college, but I'm currently choosing a major and attempting. I'm really excited.
Those are my 20 crazy, weird, funny, facts. 
If your interested in more posts like this let me know in the comments. 
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