Cucumber Lemon Detox Water

July 3, 2014

Hi, I'm Jaimie, and I'm addicted to coffee and Dr. Pepper. I know sounds like a silly opening to a post, but I promise by the end you will understand and possibly relate. Haha 
 So, for the past few years I have struggled to find the energy to get anything done. As well as I have been feeling really cruddy... I have headaches all the time, and am constantly getting colds. That is until now...
     A few days ago I was having the worst migraine ever. I was to my breaking point, on the verge of calling the ever so dreaded doctor for some kind of relief. I was just about to dial the phone, and remembered a picture I had seen on facebook about detox water. I figured I'd try it and if it didn't work then I'd call the doctor. 
    I wanted an easy recipe that I either found in my fridge already or I could go get for a few dollars at the store. I also wanted something natural. So I found the recipe for Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Water
     I didn't have mint, but I had a lemon and lime in my fridge, and cucumbers from our garden.
I made three sports bottles of the mixture. The first night I tried the lime and cucumbers. I thought it was good but a bit bitter. Thinking I hadn't let it sit long enough I put it back in the fridge. The next morning I replaced my coffee with the cucumber and lemon mixture. I felt great!! I had a slight headache from working on a project all night, but it went away right as I finished the bottle.
     I refilled the bottle with water and put it in the fridge to sit. I grabbed my lime mixture and tried to drink it again, but it was way too bitter for me so I poured it out.
I obviously prefer lemons, but I encourage you to try both and find your preference. 
I have definitely noticed a difference in my energy and how I feel. Plus, it's helping me drink more water. For the first few days, I used the restroom a lot more, but obviously that's the toxins leaving your body. As the week went on it got less frequent. It may be a taste to be acquired, but it grows on you then before you know it you realize your grabbing your detox water instead of Dr. Pepper. I'm Jaimie, and I've been caffeine sober for 5 days. YAAYY!!!
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