A Creators Process: Part 1

July 16, 2014

For a creator or artist every step is crucial to the outcome of the final piece. This week I'm embarking on another project, and decided to take you on a step by step tour of my process. 
The idea came to me as I was looking around my blog and social medias not seeing much about how I create. So this week will be just that. You can follow me on facebook, or instagram as I will be sharing mostly in pictures. Today is the start day so the following is how I start a project.
First things first when I see an idea or think of one I try to find a picture online. Most of the time I wing it on my patterns and do my own. Occasionally I'll find a pattern and somewhat follow a little. I always try to make it my own way for unique purposes. 
I then turn to my needles. I decide which guage I want to use most of the time I favor my gold 5.5mm.
Next is colors!! I love bright colors! I try to pick a bright/light color while also keeping an originality. For example: If I was doing a frog I would pick a green, but I would try to pick a very bright green. Color appeals! 
That's all for now stay tuned to facebook and instagram to see which colors I choose today! :) 
And stay tuned for part 2!
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