E.L.F Eyebrow Treat and Tame

May 18, 2014

    I bought an E.L.F eyebrow kit in ash a few months back, and while I like it, it took me soo long. Then I waxed my brows. I boogered them this time leaving my face totally unproportioned, and it was taking so long to grow back. So I got on amazon and went to looking. I found this. 
     The clear end helps to grow sparce brows, while the tame end works as a fill in color and a gel to keep them perfectly groomed, and in place. 
     I can honestly say this works! It only takes me all of two minutes if even that. Although, my brow on the right takes me longer currently because thats the one I really butchered. Lol I figure when I get them fixed correctly the one minute or less it takes me for the left one will be reciprocated on the right. 

     Best of all I got this off of amazon for $3. Awesome right!! My color is light which I decided upon by going to the E.L.F site and reading up a little. This product is perfect for the mom on the go! :) 

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