Five Different Ways: Body Butta' Love

February 5, 2014

      I love to try new things. I'm sort of a guinea pig so to speak. I wrote a Feature Friday post a while back, raving about Curly Girl Beauty,  and her amazing products. That post can be found here. I decided I wanted to take my testing to a whole new level. So I took on the task of finding five different ways to use Curly Girl Beauty Body Butta. Here is what I found.

   1. Eye Makeup Remover- I had maximum success when using this as a makeup remover. It took my makeup off easily without drying out my skin like a more harsh makeup remover.

   2. Face Therapy- I tried this as a face cleanser as well. I mixed the body butta' with my normal face wash. I then put it on my face, and used my Olay Pro X Cleanser and cleansed my face. My normal face wash would dry out my skin but when mixed with the body butta' it was perfect!

   3. Cuticle Therapy- I recently ran out of cuticle oil, and didn't want to pay the price. So I tried the body butta' as a cuticle lotion. I lathered my cuticles, and let it sit for about five minutes. Then I washed off the excess, and put it on my hands massaging into my cuticles like any other lotion. It worked great!

   4. Foot Therapy- I found this very comforting after Ped Egging my feet. I am guilty of scrubbing so hard I make my feet sore, so lathering with the body butta' makes my feet feel so much better.

   5. Massage Therapy- I use this when rubbing my husbands shoulders after a long day of work. He claims it makes him feel so relaxed. It goes on smooth and leaves his skin feeling soft. Now if only I can get him to rub my shoulders. Lol

     Hurry in a pick up your Curly Girl Beauty Body Butta'. There are now sample sizes to try, and an unscented body butter is now available.
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                                                                            Love One Another.