Why Do You Blog?

November 8, 2013

     I was asked yesterday, "Why do you blog?" It was an honest question, but it had a sense to it that the person was genuinely negative about the idea. So, as politely as I could I answered, "because someone needs answers." I realized later, it left them in a confused state, and decided, since they read my blog, obviously, I'd go into a bit better detail.

     To my Anonymous questioneer,
I blog because I know that there is someone out there who reads to find answers in life. Whether it be a beauty question, business, or whatever. Someone or someones, needs an answer to a question. I don't always know if my answer will suffice them, and they may find their answer on another blog. But, that's okay! I know that that answer will be found just from the many blogs in the world. That makes no sense you say??  I know but my point is even if its not my answer, it's okay. Someone will come one day and say wow that's MY answer, right here on It's A Simply Lovely Life. I blog because there are many ideas and lessons I have learned, I want to help someone else with.  In a much shorter statement, I blog for the same reason you read my blog. Because lets face it, you are reading this letter to you right now, looking for that answer I didn't give you yesterday. :) 
                      Love One Another
                                  <3 Jaimie 

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