Why Do You Blog?

November 8, 2013

     I was asked yesterday, "Why do you blog?" It was an honest question, but it had a sense to it that the person was genuinely negative about the idea. So, as politely as I could I answered, "because someone needs answers." I realized later, it left them in a confused state, and decided, since they read my blog, obviously, I'd go into a bit better detail.

     To my Anonymous questioneer,
I blog because I know that there is someone out there who reads to find answers in life. Whether it be a beauty question, business, or whatever. Someone or someones, needs an answer to a question. I don't always know if my answer will suffice them, and they may find their answer on another blog. But, that's okay! I know that that answer will be found just from the many blogs in the world. That makes no sense you say??  I know but my point is even if its not my answer, it's okay. Someone will come one day and say wow that's MY answer, right here on It's A Simply Lovely Life. I blog because there are many ideas and lessons I have learned, I want to help someone else with.  In a much shorter statement, I blog for the same reason you read my blog. Because lets face it, you are reading this letter to you right now, looking for that answer I didn't give you yesterday. :) 
                      Love One Another
                                  <3 Jaimie 

Bayalage Your Hair at Home

November 6, 2013

     So I have been dying my hair for over six months now. I have had a lot of struggle to get what I want, mostly because I'm so impatient. Anyway, I highlighted my hair at a salon over six weeks ago, and my natural roots are coming in strong. So I have been looking around for something I wanted to do in order to look decent for a wedding I'm in at the end of the month. Last night I saw a tweet from Jessie James Decker about how she does your hair so I decided to try it.  I can't believe she does her own hair and makeup!


     So here's my before and after. It doesn't look exactly like hers, but my main concern was getting rid of that harsh line from my new growth and my old highlights. The before picture is a few weeks back. I couldn't find a more recent one, but we all know what I'm talking about when I say there was a straight, blunt line about four inches from my scalp. You can kind of see where they use to start and where I faded them out. At least it looks wayy better. and more natural.
      I checked out a few places, and to actually bayalage your hair its between $100-$200 depending on where you are. Some places are even more in bigger cities. I used the exact brand and color she used. It was only $13 at CVS. Thats even cheaper than my one color brown dye! Plus the fact I may not have to do it again for six months is a plus... I got kids! Lol :)

                                                          Love One Another.
                                                                     <3 Jaimie

A Simply Lovely Life: In Perspective

October 18, 2013

     So if you've been following me from day one, you know I renamed the blog a few weeks ago.Read Here. For those of you just now following welcome, and here's a little in depth back story.

     This blog is formerly "Cutesy Tots & More Boutique." After much research and soul searching I decided to change the name to help tell-apart from my shop and blog. It was getting quite confusing frankly, even for me at times. I also had originally started the blog on a whim of I should just have one since I have an online shop. Which I found out later, wasn't really a great reason, but it's ok because as it turns out I really like to blog even if its a late night post about randomness. (Yes, I occasionally make up my own dictionary.) Anywho, my point behind this post is because as I was laying here thinking I realized something. I had researched for months, following other bloggers, popping in on chats to get advice, ect. And after all that one major piece got across to me. "Have a good name to represent you and your blog." Well, I've come to realize my blog name perfect for me. Yes, by most standards its one word too long, but honestly it just wouldn't be the same if it was any shorter. It's also a very true statement if you think of it from a life perspective.
     Think about it, "It's A Simply Lovely Life." Life can be simple if you let it, and life is also lovely. It's so easy to get lost in the day to day life comings, but if you stop and take a closer look around, your perspective could change. Tomorrow morning on that commute to work, instead of listening to music turn it off. Listen to the birds chirp, or breathe in fresh air. If your up early enough watch the sunrise and fully take it in. That little bit of perspective could just be what you need to be greater that day, and to make the entire day great for others.
     We never know what cards we are dealt in life. So as your reading this ask yourself a few questions. If you died tomorrow, did you take in all the lovely things in life? Was it as simply and lovely as you thought it could be? What could you do today to make your life simple and lovely for tomorrow? Tomorrow is never promised. How hard is it to make it as great as it could be today?
                                                                              Love One Another.
                                                                                            <3 Jaimie

Feature Friday Week 6: The Gnarly Whale Shop

September 13, 2013

     So a few weeks ago I ordered from a vegan beauty shop, The Gnarly Whale. About a week later I received this super cute package in the mail.

     The Beach Waves Spray smells amazing! I got the thai coconut, and absolutely love it!

     You start with wet hair, and just spray in a good amount all over your hair. My hair is super straight so I scrunched it a little to help. Let it air dry, and voila! Beachy waves! I also use a curling iron some days and found if you spray this in before you blow dry it helps hold your curls longer. 
     All products from The Gnarly Whale Shop are vegan, handmade, and very affordable! Head over and get your products today!

*Screenshot of the mobile version*

 Use the code "REF15" for 15% off your entire order *must be over $10 after coupon* also include my referral code "AA022" in the notes to seller for a freebie with your order! :)